VLV Autumn Events 2021

Jocelyn Hay Lecture – Claire Enders
Monday 11 October 2021

We are delighted that the founder of Enders Analysis, Claire Enders, will deliver the Jocelyn Hay Lecture 2021. Claire is one of the leading analysts of the UK’s creative and broadcast industries. Her view of the challenges facing UK broadcasting and the potential solutions available  for audiences will be fascinating to hear at a time when the government is preparing its Media White Paper and considering the privatisation of Channel 4.


VLV established the Jocelyn Hay lecture series in 2012 to provide an opportunity for eminent speakers to consider the importance of quality broadcasting, and particularly public service broadcasting, for citizens in the UK.


To attend the lecture please click on the button below or call 01474 338716.

VLV Autumn Conference 2021
Wednesday 24th November 2021

The VLV Autumn Conference 2021 will be held online or in person, dependent on pandemic restrictions. If we are able to we will hold a ‘hybrid’ conference whereby those who wish to attend in person will be able to do so, but others, who may wish to watch from the comfort of their homes, will be able to do so as well. 


The conference will come at a time when the government prepares a new Media Bill to replace the 2003 Communications Act which will influence the future delivery of public service broadcasting. Speakers to be announced nearer the time.


To attend please click on the button below or call 01474 338716. 

Thursday 2nd December 2021
10.30am – 11.30am

Following a successful online VLV AGM in 2020 and because of continuing uncertainty regarding Coronavirus restrictions VLV plans to hold its 2021 AGM online using Zoom.

To attend please email the VLV office at info@vlv.org.uk or call 01474 338716.

We are not charging a fee to attend our online conferences, but VLV is a charity and there is a cost even in running online events. Therefore we would appreciate a voluntary donation of at least £10 when you register for the event. No one will be excluded if they cannot afford a donation.