VLV Autumn Events 2020

Due to Coronavirus restrictions VLV is replacing its Autumn Conference with a series of online events when the state of British broadcasting will be debated by those who lead the industry. The first of these was with Sir David Clementi, Chairman of the BBC.

Sir David Clementi, Chairman of the BBC
October 20th 2020

This event was chaired by Dame Colette Bowe, former Chair of Ofcom and former President of VLV. It was held as a webinar and joined by online attendees as well as those on the phone.  

Sir David’s speech covered a wide range of issues including whether there is still a role for public service broadcasting and how it should be funded. He also set out what services he believes the BBC should provide in the future. 

Attendees were invited to send questions in advance as well as live, during the event. As many of these as possible were put to Sir David in the time allowed. They covered the appointment process of the BBC Chair,  the balance between public service and commercial content, what Sir David considers the ideal characteristics of the next BBC Chair might be and the high and low points during his time at the BBC.  

VLV will be holding further events in November 2020. The second event will be held on Tuesday November 24th between 10.30am and 12.30pm. This will comprise two sessions which will look at current broadcasting issues relevant to VLV concerns. Speakers will be announced in due course. 

We do not charge a fee to attend our online events, but VLV is a charity and incurs costs even in running online events, therefore we would appreciate a voluntary donation of £10 when you register for each event. Please also consider becoming a member of VLV if you want to support our work.