Professor Bob Usherwood – VLV Trustee

Bob Usherwood is Emeritus Professor at the University of Sheffield. He first joined VLV in the early 1990s.

Following retirement he became a member of the VLV Board and with Sheffield VLV colleagues, Sylvia Harvey and the late David Eggington, helped to organise events in the area. 

At Sheffield Bob was Professor of Librarianship in what was then the Department of Information Studies.  Bob says, ‘My research and teaching indicates that those interested in public libraries have much in common with those concerned about public service broadcasting. On a personal note I learnt to value public service broadcasting when growing up in a working class community in London’s East End. There weekly visits to the local public library and regular access to the BBC, which, at that time, radiated public service values, educated me and provided a foundation for my future career.  The Voice of the Listener & Viewer helps this country maintain high quality public service broadcasting that educates, informs and entertains. This is crucial work in an age of misinformation and post –truth politics.’