Cheryl Campbell – VLV Trustee

Cheryl Campbell is Executive Director of charity Television for the Environment which works with filmmakers and partners around the world to make and distribute films that put the environment and sustainability on the global agenda. Cheryl is a former senior reporter with UK breakfast television channel TV-am and has spent more than 20 years working for UK charities focusing on the environment and development. 

Cheryl trained as a journalist on the Lancashire Evening Post newspaper in Preston, Lancashire, and then worked for BBC Radio as a reporter and newsreader before moving to UK regional television. Cheryl spent four years as a senior reporter and newsreader for TV-am before moving to one of the UK’s leading aid agencies, Christian Aid. As head of public communications and then head of the broadcasting, digital and publishing division, Cheryl played a significant role in developing Christian Aid’s innovative approach to communicating development to mainstream audiences, putting the developing world on UK television against prevailing trends. In 2003 Cheryl moved to tve where she leads the charity’s output and works with the Board of Trustees to develop and implement strategy. Cheryl read Classics and Egyptology at Selwyn College, Cambridge.