Richard Lindley

VLV 2009 Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting

Voice of the Listener and Viewer 2009 Awards were presented at the VLV Spring Conference,  Wednesday, 28 April 2010 by  Richard LindleyVeteran News and Current Affairs Broadcaster at the Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1


Best Radio Programme or Programme Series

Nominees were - Choral Evening Song, BBC Radio 3; From Our Own Correspondent, BBC Radio 4; News Quiz, BBC Radio 4; The Archers, BBC Radio 4; The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4; and Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4. The winner was the 'The Food Programme '.

Best Radio New Programme or Programme Series

Nominees were - 1989 Day by Day, BBC Radio 4; A History of Private Life, BBC Radio 4; Americana, BBC Radio 4; Bottom Line, BBC Radio 4; Life Stories, BBC Radio 4; and The Early Music Show, BBC Radio 3. . The winner was '1989 Day by Day '.

Best Individual Radio Contributor

Nominees were Catherine Bott, Michael Buerk, Sheila Dillon, Clive James, Sue MacGregor and Sandi Toksvig.  The winner was Sandi Toksvig .


Best TV Programme or Programme Series

Nominees were - Autumn/Spring Watch, BBC2; Channel 4 News; Country File, BBC1; The Choir, BBC2; University Challenge, BBC1; Unreported World, Channel 4.   The winner was 'The Choir '

Best New TV Programme or Programme Series

Nominees were - A History of Christianity, BBC4; Garrow's Law, BBC1; Life, BBC1; James May's Toy Stories, BBC2; Northern Wilderness, BBC2; and The Making of Modern Britain, BBC2.   The winner was 'The Making of Modern Britain' .

Best Children's TV Programme

Nominees were - 'Blue Peter', BBC1/CBBC; Dr Who, BBC1; In the Night Garden, Cbeebies; Merlin, BBC1; Shaun the Sheep, CBBC; and The Sarah Jane Adventures, CBBC.. The winner was 'Dr Who'

Best Individual TV Contributor

Nominees were: David Attenborough; Ian Hislop; Kate Humble; Gareth Malon; Andrew Marr; and Jon Snow.  The winner was Ian Hislop .

Award Winners 2009

VLV Special Awards

Leslie Burrage, Chief Executive of Roberts Radio, presented a Special VLV Radio Award, sponsored by Roberts, to Charlotte Green presenter BBC Radio 4.  Bettany Hughes, historian and presdenter of the Channel 4 series 'The Roman Invasion of Britain' and 'The Bible' received VLV's Special Award for Educational Broadcasting which was presented in memory of the distinguished educator and VLV Board member Naomi Sargeant. Special Chidlren's TV Award went to 'Horrible Histories' from CBBC.

The Awards were organised by Carol Cattley- one of the Board Members of the Voice of the Listener & Viewer. VLV's awards are sponsored by VLV's sister charity, The Voice of the Listener Trust.      

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