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VLV represents the citizen and consumer interests in broadcasting and speaks for listeners and viewers on the full range of broadcasting issues. We use our independent expertise to champion quality and diversity, respond to consultations, produce policy briefings, conduct research and work for public service broadcasting that informs, educates and entertains. We run events and conferences. Find out how you can support VLV, keep up with our work, or join us. 

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What does VLV do?

 educational broadcastingThe Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV) enables the consumer voice to be heard by broadcasters and those concerned with broadcasting policy. It strives to promote and maintain diversity and plurality in public service broadcasting in order to maintain local and national democracy, our cultural and democratic traditions. It supports the independence, integrity and secure funding of the BBC and the work of broadcasters and programme suppliers who demonstrate commitment to public service broadcasting. It promotes the broadcasting of first-rate programmes that meet the demands of listeners and viewers for more high quality content than the market can provide. It believes every citizen should benefit from the enormous potential to deliver digital resources to people across the UK and seeks to ensure that citizens are not disadvantaged by technological developments. Mindful of the need to protect programme quality it encourages public service broadcasters to build relationships and a feeling of shared ownership with listeners and viewers.

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What they say about VLV

"British Broadcasting is the best in the world, but now its future is threatened. If you want to help ensure its quality, please join me in supporting VLV which is doing so much to protect the principle of public service in broadcasting."  -          Sir David Attenborough

it (VLV) has emerged as the most important champion of television and radio consumers by consistently pressing for the retention and extension of high-quality public service broadcasting”. – Roy Greenslade

“the BBC's senior managers regard it (VLV) as the only organisation that speaks from the licence-payer's perspective while offering passionate support for public service broadcasting” – Tim Luckhurst